Exhaust and Brake

Brake Service

When you need brake repair in Yorkton, you can depend on Minute Muffler for expert service at a fair price. We have skilled mechanics who understand the intricacies of working on modern vehicles as well as older models, including vintage cars.

As a leading provider in Yorkton of brake service while you wait, we have perfected our workflow to achieve accurate diagnostics. Once we find the problem, we install new parts according to our high standards because your safety matters to us and we respect your time.

Signs That You Need Brake Service:

  • Squeaking or grinding sound when you press brake pedal
  • Vehicle pulls to the left or right when you brake
  • Brake pedal feels soft or spongy
  • Brake fluid is low
  • Dashboard brake warning light comes on

Thorough Brake Inspection

When you ask us to inspect your brakes, we don’t cut corners. Instead, we investigate the wear and tear throughout the entire system. A technician, who’s trained to repair both disc brakes and drum brakes, will evaluate the brake pedal, brake fluid level, brake lines, brake pads, and rotors.

After identifying the source of your brake problems, we’ll inform you of the parts and labor costs. Upon receiving your approval, we’ll complete the job while you wait. In a single visit, you’ll resolve your brake problems and drive off confident about your vehicle’s ability to stop safely.

If you’ve just bought a used vehicle, a brake inspection is a good idea. Even if the vehicle feels like it’s performing adequately, an inspection at Minute Muffler will alert you to any underlying brake problems that may soon need attention.

Minute Muffler makes it possible to save you both time and money when you need brake repair in Yorkton. Choose the name that Canada trusts for quality brake service. Contact our shop today for this vital service in Yorkton.

Exhaust Service

Minute Muffler is your local specialist for all types of exhaust repair in Yorkton. We have the parts in stock to restore your exhaust system to quiet and proper functioning. Minute Muffler can supply stainless steel or aluminum exhaust system parts for foreign and domestic pickup trucks, SUVs, and sedans. We also carry a large inventory of highway tractor exhaust parts from elbows, reducers and clamps.

Our technicians understand all aspects of the exhaust system. This means you can count on us for a trustworthy assessment. We have experience working on vehicles with mufflers and vehicles that use a resonator in conjunction with a muffler.

Exhaust Leaks Impact the Engine

Exhaust repairs, however, are about more than maintaining quiet operation. Damage or other failures within your exhaust system reduce the back pressure that an engine is designed to expect. As a result, exhaust leaks can undermine an engine’s ability to deliver consistent power and maintain fuel economy. Symptoms related to exhaust leaks include sputtering and stalling.

Pollution Control

A functional exhaust system uses a catalytic converter to oxidize toxic exhaust fumes into less harmful gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and water vapour. In addition to reducing overall pollution, your exhaust system protects you from carbon monoxide. An exhaust leak can expose you and vehicle passengers directly to this dangerous gas.

Our specialists at Minute Muffler provide you with fast and affordable exhaust repair in Yorkton. Our honest, upfront pricing will let you proceed with confidence when you need a new muffler or other exhaust system parts. We service your vehicle while you wait. Contact us today to get your exhaust fixed in one trip.

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